Europe's biggest Mechanical Keyboard Meetup!

June 22nd 2024
Frankfurt am Main


Registration for the event takes place on our meetup page.

It's very helpful for us organizers that you RSVP on meetup, because:

  • We can reach you in case something happens on short notice
  • We know how many people to expect and plan accordingly
  • We can prepare name tags, etc..

About Mechanicon

What is Mechanicon?

Mechanicon is Europe’s biggest meetup/conference for people interested in mechanical keyboards.

First and foremost we want you to be able to enjoy the keyboard community that always manages to get together with us at Mechanicon!

Mechanicon is getting huuuuge…

We started out with about 60 people in 2016, grew to 150 people in 2017, 250 in 2018, and 2023 we were about 380 attendees with visitors from all over Europe!

We never did any advertisement outside of community forums.

Mechanicon is free!

It is an event meant for everyone:
For the community, from the community.

“Cheap” is something else for everyone, “free” means the same to all.

We want the event to be open for everyone.

Making admission free is an important step in this direction.

Mechanicon is friendly

Mechanicon is a family friendly event that aims to be inviting for everyone, experts and newbies alike.

Everybody should feel welcome and safe.

And the community is great and friendly, so we never had any problems regarding this yet!



11:30 Open Doors
12:00 Official Start
12:00 – 17:00 Keyboard exhibition
16:00 Raffle (incl. official Goodbye afterwards)
17:00 Official Ending


Learn about events in the past. Checkout these links to get an idea how it was like :)


How do I get to the venue?
-> We recommend that you get there by public transport. There is a subway station very close to the venue. You can take the U4 from the main train station to get there.
-> If you need to come by car, there is a parking garage in the same building as the venue (approach it by the Arnsburger Strasse). It is publicly accessible and space is limited. Do NOT try to park in the backyard of the venue. This not allowed and will get you towed!

Can I bring my keyboards?
-> Yes, please! This is what Mechanicon is all about. We will have enough tables so that everyone can bring their keyboards for display!

Can I come, even though I don't have a keyboard yet or I am just interested in the hobby?
-> Of course! We would love to show you around! Mechanicon is the perfect chance to get a deep dive into this hobby.

I want to bring a loooot of keyboards and I don't want to carry them from my parking lot to the venue.
-> Contact us, we can arrange some help for unloading and watching for your stuff! Do not just park in front of building, this will get you in trouble.

I want to bring a lot of keyboards and I need some time to set it up properly.
-> You can come up to 30 minutes earlier, doors are open from 11:30.

I want a fancy sign next to my keyboard, so people know what they are looking at.
-> We got you covered! You will find signs and pens at the event!

I want to go one step further and print my own signs at home!
-> In this case, please use the original template for the other signs at the event.

Where should I go if I get hungry?
-> Don't worry! The location 2024 is in Bornheim, a popular district of Frankfurt am Main. The heart of Bornheim is the Berger Strasse - with a variety of dining options including restaurants, cafés, fast food outlets, and supermarkets. Whether you stroll up or down the street, you're sure to find something to your taste!

You collect donations. What will you do if you collect more donations than you need to cover costs?
-> We really hope to collect enough donations to cover our costs. However, there we don't want to make any money out of this event. In case we collect more donations than we need for this year, we will keep it for the next Mechanicon. If we don't spend the money within 12 months, we will donate the money to a local non-profit.

I have even more questions!
-> We are happy to help! RSVP on meetup and send the organizers a message:

We hope to see you soon!_

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